Message from The Director’s Desk

Guru Shankar Das

(Founder - AtmanAdhiroha)

AtmanAdhiroha, one of the most desirable and preferable school to learn Yoga in India. A place through which one passes always wish and wanted to be there, to live here. It is not only because of the serene location but also the energy of the place we have created pulls neither everyone nor no-one.

We realise, when a person comes for a yoga in India, have different purposes. Our place is made for those who wants to understand the mind, realise the physical body and feel the emotions; experience self. So that you may slightly understand the chord which connects you to the Devine or the Supreme. For some, It is neither easy nor difficult, it is just an experience of oneness or nothingness. While for others, A knot between Who Am I & Who I Am. So we are for those who are neither seekers nor lost. But the ones who are ready to learn everything or nothing. Because for us either of the scenario is same. Sometimes our guests call us ‘A Yoga Paradise’ but we call it ‘AtmanAdhiroha', a paradise to Experience Yoga within Shiva.

We appreciate the ones who are ready to be a part of this amazing yoga path. With that purpose, We always ensures and encourages our students to be absolute aware about their journey, To be clear about their purpose. With this experience you will understand neither the meaning nor the purpose of your existence or non existence.

We will give you neither a feeling of convincing nor skeptical, we are experiencing a stage where we understand neither everything is right nor anything is wrong. It is just a purpose and a role of being in a circle of energies which makes life ain’t real nor an illusion.

Experience AtmanAdhiroha.

Aum Namaha Shivaya!

About AtmanAdhiroha

What is AtmanAdhiroha?

AtmanAdhiroha is a Yoga Teacher Training School that goes beyond the traditional notions of a training program. It aims to provide an experience that connects individuals with their true selves and the universal principles of simplicity, flexibility, and diversity.

The name 'AtmanAdhiroha' holds deep significance. It incorporates the spiritual life principle of the universe, which, when recognized as inherent by the individual self, allows one to discover their authentic soul.

AtmanAdhiroha: 'Soul of Lord Shiva', derived from 'Atman' meaning 'soul' and 'Adhiroha' associated with ‘Lord Shiva’. It also signifies 'Breath to Rise Above & The Self to Look Within.' This suggests that by focusing on the breath and going beyond the limited sense of self, one can delve into introspection and self-discovery.

AtmanAdhiroha spreads Yoga's wisdom worldwide, offering an enriching experience that reminds individuals of attainable peace and self-realisation through Yoga practice.

About AtmanAdhiroha


AtmanAdhiroha rests in the bosom of two Indian places, extremely prominent for their widespread Yogic culture and environment - Rishikesh and Goa. We assure you both the locations provide an environment that is equally perfect and fulfilling for the experience you are about to embark on.

The serene tranquility of the Himalayan mountains and the Divine Energy of the Holy river - Ganga Ji, can be felt in the aloof Ashram located in the Upper Tapovan in Rishikesh. Here, you can escape the chaos of city life and enjoy a wide range of exceptional amenities.

Further down the southwestern coast, nestled in Southern Goa, our Patnem Beach campus awaits. The geographic positioning of the Ashram gives our Campus an edge in delivering a riveting Yogic experience, where you are constantly surrounded by the soft musical rhythms of the oceanic breeze, backed by a cozy & comfortable accommodation.