Yoga Retreat
in Goa, India

Yoga Retreat
in Goa, India

New Year Yoga Retreat Specials!

"Revitalize Your Mind and Body: Unlock New Year Bliss with our Exclusive Yoga Retreat Offers!"

29th Dec 2023 - 4th Jan 2024

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7 days yoga retreat in goa

Experience Yogic Lifestyle at our Yoga Retreat in Goa

Experience a heavenly Yoga Retreat in Goa at AtmanAdhiroha, a sanctuary nestled in the heart of nature's splendor. Our retreat is a haven for rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul through daily yoga and meditation sessions, complemented by the soothing ocean sounds. Relish in our nourishing vegetarian and Ayurvedic cuisine, designed for holistic health. Immerse yourself in Goa's captivating beaches and rich culture, while participating in enlightening workshops that deepen your yoga knowledge. Our Yoga Getaway in Goa is more than a retreat; it's a journey of self-exploration. We also offer a comprehensive Yoga TTC Program, making us the Best Yoga School in Goa for those seeking both relaxation and profound learning. Join us for an unforgettable experience of personal growth and peace.


7 Days Yoga Retreat Fees Structure

Green & Partial Ocean View

Double Sharing Single Private

Ocean View, Beach Hut

Double Sharing Single Private

€690 €1110 €900 €1350

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7 days yoga retreat in goa

New Year Yoga Retreat Specials!

"Revitalize Your Mind and Body: Unlock New Year Bliss with our Exclusive Yoga Retreat Offers!"

Arrival Date: 28th December2023

Retreat Dates: 29th Dec 2023 - 4th Jan 2024

Double Sharing Starting From: €900

Single Private Starting From: €1350


What Does The Retreat Fees Include?

  • 6 Nights 7 Days Retreat
  • Twin Sharing or Single Private Accommodation
  • Rooms with Attached Washroom
  • Unlimited free High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Daily Special Classes & Workshop
  • Yoga Session on the Beach
  • Pickup From Goa Dabolim Airport
  • Drinking Water & Herbal tea
  • Tea Kettle in the Room
  • Locker Facility in the Room
  • 1 Ayurvedic Massage & Aroma Therapy
  • Daily Nutritious Vegetarian Meals (Breakfast & Lunch)
  • Welcome Kit

Not Included In
The Retreat Fees?

  • Additional night stay over and above the course duration
  • Dinner, Students can have from our Delicious multi cuisine food menu at a Student Special Price in our own In-house beach side Organic/Vegan Cafe.
  • Laundry Service available at a charge

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Features & Benefits


AtmanAdhiroha, a Yoga Retreat in Goa, provides a nurturing environment ideal for enhancing wellness, relaxation, and emotional well-being. This retreat is a sanctuary where you can deepen your yoga practice and cultivate a sense of inner peace and awareness. With experienced teachers guiding you, a holistic approach to learning, and comfortable accommodations, every aspect is thoughtfully catered to. Personalized attention and healthy food options further enrich your experience. This yoga & meditation retreat is a great getaway from your routine life; it offers a life transformative experience. For those aspiring to become a yoga teacher from Goa, India, AtmanAdhiroha offers an excellent opportunity to learn to teach yoga in Goa as well, all amidst a peaceful and spiritually enriching atmosphere.

7 days yoga retreat in goa

AtmanAdhiroha has been offering Teacher training services in India over 7 years in India and has a qualified team of yoga teachers with a collective experience of over 50000 hours of teaching Yogic lifestyle. Every student who joins our community is offered personalised guidance, support and all the warmth to enhance your yoga practice and self discovery.

AtmanAdhiroha retreats offer a holistic approach to wellness, integrating yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Ayurveda.

Ocean view, serene seashore location, away from city noise and pollution, creates a perfect peaceful and natural setting for your practice.

Clean, comfortable accommodations and facilities with a temple, yoga hall, Ayurveda Massage Room, and beachside cafe, creating a relaxing and conducive environment.

We provide satvik food to support students' yoga practice, ensuring they can focus on growth without worrying about their diet. In addition to that our in-house cafe provides various cuisine options for their convenience.

Our retreats offer personalized attention and support, with individualized instruction and guidance to meet your unique needs and goals to enhance your overall yoga practice.

Our yoga retreat fosters community and connection, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships.

Features & Benefits

Benfits of Yoga Retreat

7 days yoga retreat in goa

AtmanAdhiroha Yoga retreats offer numerous benefits for the mind, body, & soul. We provide an environment for you to connect with yourself and others in a meaningful way. Here are some of the benefits of attending a yoga retreat with us.

  • Deepening Your Yoga Practice

    Our yoga retreat is the perfect blend of greenery and ocean vibes offering a soothing backdrop, ideal for connecting with nature and finding inner tranquility where you can deepen your understanding of yoga asanas under the guidance of our experienced teachers.

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety

    Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Lectures, practiced at our retreats can help reduce stress and anxiety, waking up to the sight and sounds of the ocean will bring you a step closer with the natural world.

  • Improving Physical Health

    Practicing yoga regularly can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and overall physical health. This can lead to a better quality of life and reduce the risk of various health issues.

  • Disconnecting From The Outside World

    We are located in peaceful and natural settings, the location alone, being right at the ocean front and surrounded by lush trees allows you to disconnect from tech and other distractions, and tune into your inner self.



AtmanAdhiroha is a place of serenity and harmony, a Yoga School situated at the Patnem beach Ocean Front, embraced by lush trees and a beautiful amalgamation of greenery and ocean.

The rhythmic sound of the waves and the gentle sea breeze creates a meditative atmosphere and enhances the practice, deepening relaxation and fostering a sense of inner peace.

Yoga Shala

AtmanAdhiroha Yoga Shala is a true paradise for yogis and individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. The combination of the 180° ocean view, natural light, and fresh air creates an incredibly serene and rejuvenating atmosphere for yoga practice and meditation.

This close connection with nature can deepen the experience and foster a sense of unity with the world around us. Being in such a serene and beautiful space, where mind, body, and spirit align, can truly make practicing at AtmanAdhiroha an experience of a lifetime.


AtmanAdhiroha, located at Patnem Beach Ocean Front is an enchanting destination for yoga enthusiasts and individuals seeking tranquility and rejuvenation.

The residential huts with ocean and garden views sound like an ideal retreat for those seeking peace and comfort. Waking up to the sight and sounds of the ocean or being able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding gardens from the huts is a perfect space for students to relax and unwind.


We prioritize safety and comfort for everyone. Clean and spacious rooms with attached washrooms ensure a pleasant and hygienic living environment for the students. Providing individual lockers offers a sense of security and privacy to each student, allowing them to keep their belongings safe during their stay.

Offering accommodation a day prior to the start, allowing students to settle in and get acclimated to the surroundings before the program begins, reducing any potential stress or travel-related fatigue. We also accommodate early arrivals upon availability. Here at AtmanAdhiroha, we try to create a conducive environment for our students to focus on their yogic journey and personal growth without worrying about their accommodation needs.


AtmanAdhiroha offers a balanced and nourishing vegetarian diet to support the students' yoga journey. Providing food twice a day, with breakfast and lunch, along with special AtmanAdhiroha herbal tea, ensures that students are well-fed and energized throughout their training program. The focus on a Satvik and Ayurvedic diet is commendable, as it aligns with the principles of yoga and promotes overall well-being.

Ayurvedic Massage & Aroma Therapy

Ayurvedic massage therapy is a traditional Indian healing technique that balances the body's energy centers using a combination of herbal oils and special hand movements. It aims to release toxins from the body, improve circulation, and promote overall health and wellbeing. Ayurvedic massage is believed to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and treat a variety of health issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, and digestive problems. This holistic form of massage therapy is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural way to improve their health and wellbeing.

At AtmanAdhiroha, we have in-house Ayurvedic Massage Specialists who are professionally qualified and having an expertise in Massage & Aroma Therapy. We provide same gender Massage services only.


Offering around-the-clock pick-up facility free of cost from various transportation hubs demonstrates AtmanAdhiroha's commitment to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free arrival for every student. All we need is travel details like flight number, date, and time of arrival at Goa International Airport (Dabolim GOI) or train/bus number and arrival time in Goa; this allows us to plan and coordinate the pick-up efficiently.

On arrival, you will have a designated taxi/cab waiting at the arrival gate with a signboard displaying the student's name and "ATMANADHIROHA" written. Offering drop-off arrangements on request at actual cost provides flexibility for students who may need assistance with their departure. This is a gesture from AtmanAdhiroha for enhancing the overall experience so that as a student, one can focus on their yoga training without worrying about logistical concerns during their stay.


About Us

7 days yoga retreat in goa

Atmanadhiroha is a truly serene and holistic campus with its organic design and uplifting energy. It can offer profound insights into life and provide a transformative experience. Through yoga practices, meditation, and holistic teachings, students often gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. It can be a life-changing journey of self-discovery and growth. If you decide to enroll in Atmanadhiroha, you may embark on a path of self-awareness and personal development that can lead to viewing life in a more enlightened way.

7 days yoga retreat in goa

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About AtmanAdhiroha
Retreat in Goa, India

Mentioned below are some insights into the essential details of the AtmanAdhiroha Retreats, including Prerequisites and Student Code of Conduct, to ensure a seamless and rewarding learning experience.

  • For actively engaging in the Training Course, you are required to have a basic understanding of the English language.
  • Please note that all classes and sessions in the course are mandatory, emphasising the need for your full attention and passion for learning. Your commitment to wholeheartedly engage in the program is essential for a successful and fulfilling experience.
  • AtmanAdhiroha believe in upholding staunch Codes of Conduct. These guidelines ensure that you emerge as a disciplined Yoga practitioner. Thus, we have all the right guidelines in place that ascertain that all the Campus etiquettes are respectfully followed, resulting in a truly life-changing experience for our students.
    To learn more about our complete Code of Conduct policies, click here.





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Our Campus is located on the Patnem Beach, South of Goa. Situated in a very peaceful surroundings and at the same time in the middle of the most happening areas of Goa.

  • Yoga Teacher training Cafes & Restaurants - In-house & All around the beach
  • Yoga Teacher training Market & Daily Need Stores-
    200 Metres
  • Yoga Teacher trainingATM’s - With in 2 Km
  • Yoga Teacher trainingGoa International Airport -
    64 Km
  • Yoga Teacher trainingOther Beaches - 2 Km



Aum Namaha Shivaya!

October 2023 is going to be the opening of our new yoga school in Goa. We would like to confirm our students and viewers that the location and the property pictures are real and the revised & upgraded pictures will be uploaded after the opening of the school. Since we have got the limited pictures of the property as of now, and at the same time we understand your curiosity to see as many to know the place before coming but we ensures our students that all the facilities like accommodation/food/campus and an overall experience will be as per AtmanAdhiroha's Standards, which is best and excels in the yoga industry.

See you in Goa soon!

Team AtmanAdhiroha
Aum Namaha Shivaya!


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